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Cnud-Efco Romania is the manufacturing plant of Cnud-Efco. The plant is based in Iasi, Romania. We operate 10.000m² of workshops for metal construction and mechanical assembly. Our infrastructure includes machines for sawing, shearing, laser, plasma and oxi-cutting, bending, MIG/MAG, TIG (WIG) welding, assembly lines, sandblasting/ painting facilities, mechanical and electronics fitting and testing stations. We engage in integrated projects from co-engineering to on-site installation and have specialised teams for component sourcing, project management and global logistics.

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Cnud-Efco is a global company. We have conducted projects in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, The Far East, The Middle East, Oceania and Africa.


Since 1957 we have built over 300 float glass production lines for all of the leading glass manufacturers. Since we have opened-up our metal construction facilities for general and civil projects we have conducted projects in a broad range of industries.

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