The Cnud-Efco solution for efficient cellular glass production

Annealing lehr engineering

The production of high quality cellular glass involves, melting of a special glass composition with a melting furnace, grinding with a foaming agent, foaming under a reducing atmosphere up to low density (100 kg/m³), annealing down the room temperature and sawing and facing rectangular blocks. With Cnud-Efco’s engineering experience in the cellular and float glass world, we calculate length and width of the cellular-annealing lehr ,foaming burner system and the heating/cooling pattern of the annealing lehr.

Construction and commission

Cnud-Efco’s experienced engineers generate drawings for the construction of the cellular-annealing lehr in a fully equipped design office. Our welding and construction engineers have a large experience with cellular glass lehrs, mechanical drives and tin bath roofs constructing at the lowest possible cost. Field engineers with an excellent global reputation are responsible for commissioning of the cellular glass with respect for the local culture.

Turnkey production line delivery

Investors are asking for a full production line for a capacity between 20 000 and 150 000 m³/year. Cnud-Efco collaborates with a Schaumglas Global Consulting GmbH (SGGC) in Germany. They develop together a business plan to approach potential investors and request government subsidies. At any time, the SGGC consultants and Cnud-Efco’s engineers are available for consultation, assistance to start up the production line and help with continuous management  of the line. Later on, our experts assist in production, marketing and application of cellular glass worldwide.

Cnud-efco uses its decade long experience in the engineering manufacturing and commissioning of thermal equipment and annealing lehrs to enter the growing market of cellular glass. With applications in building materials and insulation.

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7 reasons to choose cnud-efco

Modular design

High efficient heating system

Use of forced air convection

Advanced automation systems

Low energy consumption

Low maintenance costs

Onsite performance support

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