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Since 1957 we have built over 900 glass production lines for all of the leading glass manufacturers. Since we have opened-up our metal construction facilities for general and civil projects we have conducted several projects in a broad range of industries.

Hollow glass

Cnud-Efco produces the most energy efficient hollow-glass annealing and decorating lehrs. Through years of experience we have developed engineering insights and application knowledge.

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Float glass

Cnud-Efco is the world’s number one annealing lehr and tin bath solutions provider. Our know-how is applied to different types of float glass such as clear glass, coloured glass, reflective glass and aviation glass.

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Cellular glass

Cnud-Efco’s keys to succes for the energy efficient cellular glass production are our unique annealing lehr engineering expertise, our construction and commissioning engineering approach and our turnkey production line delivery.

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Metal construction

Cnud-Efco is your partner in metal construction for thermal equipment and annealing lehrs. In our plant in Iasi, Romania we operate a broad range of metal machining equipment, coating and painting facilities and multi-skilled teams for mechanical and electronics assembly.

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Part of the BMT Group

Cnud-Efco is part of the BMT group. BMT Group is an industrial, family-owned holding company with a glass and a gearwheel division, with various companies that are global market leaders. Other companies in the BMT Group include Omco a producer of glass molds, BMT Aerospace, a leading company in the production of complex actuations, turbine engine and helicopter drive systems and IGW, a global producer of complex gear systems and transmission solutions.

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