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Cnud-Efco has been building annealing lehrs and tin baths roofs for the float glass industry since 1957. We offer high quality technical solutions in terms of engineering and equipment. We enable our clients to succesfully introduce new products and applications and to develop a higher profile in an ever increasingly competitive global glass market. We work for all leading glass manufacturers around the world. Our goal is to offer reliable equipment and to guarantee a continuous efficient process. Our success is based on a strategy of innovation. Our ambition is to be a beacon of knowledge our customers can always rely on.

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Cnud-Efco is leading in glass annealing since 1957. The roots of our company even go back to 1928. Since our foundation we have built over 600 hollow glass and over 300 float glass lines. We are now bringing our newest engineering insights in energy reduction and efficiency increase to hollow glass. This allows us to offer you a competitive alternative for any existing solution.

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Cnud-Efco has from its early days operated as a global company. We have annealing lehrs in operation in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, The Far East, The Middle East, Oceania and Africa

  • A.O Kvartz
  • Arabian United Float Glass Co.
  • Ardakan Float Glass Co.
  • AGC
  • AVIC
  • Caspian Float Glass
  • Cardinal FG
  • China Luoyang Float Glass Group
  • China Yaohua Glass Group
  • CSG Holding Co.
  • CDGM Glass Co.
  • Daming Group
  • Ducatt
  • Emirates Float Glass
  • Euroglas
  • F Glass
  • Flovetro
  • Fuyao Group
  • Ghazvin Glass
  • Gomel Glass
  • Guangdong Yufeng Glass Group
  • Guardian Industries
  • HNG Float Glass Co.
  • Intex Glass (Xiamen) Co.
  • Kaveh Glass Industry Group
  • KCC E&C
  • Khawaja Group
  • LG Chem
  • Liya Glass
  • Muliaglass
  • Nippon Electric Glass Co.
  • NSG Group
  • PPG Industries
  • Quinhuangdao Aoge Group
  • Sahand Industrial Group
  • Saint-Gobain
  • Salavatsteklo
  • Samsung Corning Precision
  • Materials
  • Sangalli Group
  • Saratovstroysteklo
  • Schott
  • Shandong Glass Group
  • Shenzen Southern Float Glass Co.
  • Sisecam
  • Sphinx Glass
  • Tossa Shakti Group
  • Vitro
  • Xinyi Glass Holdings
  • References


    We built our first lehrs in 1957 to respond to the demands of the hollow glass industry. A few years later we introduced the concept of a steel construction for flat and float glass production. This resulted in a spectacular increase of the yield in comparison to brick annealing lehrs. From its early collaboration with Pilkington in the design of the tin bath roof Cnud-Efco has worked tirelessly to ensure that the high standards set by the Pilkington pioneers are still maintained today. Over 300 annealing lehrs and roof installations have been put into service worldwide.

    BMT Group

    Cnud-Efco is part of the BMT group. BMT Group is an industrial, family-owned holding company with a glass and a gearwheel division, with various companies that are global market leaders. Other companies in the BMT Group include Omco a producer of glass moulds, BMT Aerospace, a leading company in the production of complex actuations, turbine engine and helicopter drive systems and IGW, a global producer of complex gear systems and transmission solutions.

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    300 Float lines built
    173 Committed specialists
    87 Years of experience

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